Introducing Muse, Banyan, Acacia & Acacia JR.

The new line of dry herb vaporizers from Greenhouse. These stylish, next-generation vaporizers gently heat your loose-leaf tobacco and deliver an unparalleled vape experience wherever life takes you.

Highly portable and easy to use, Greenhouse vaporizers also feature extended battery life and hassle-free cleaning.

Product Features
  • Ergo design
  • Compact
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
Fuse Herbal Vaporizer


Fuse features a high strength aluminum shell and sleek ergonomic design with a magnetic charging connection on the bottom including an OLED screen to display temperature & time and a unique oven based heating chamber ensuring an optimal herb vaping experience.

Cypress Herbal Vaporizer


Cypress features an all ceramic atomizer chamber which provides pure flavor and efficient atomization using an all translucent mouth tip for a super clean look, along with a flat surface ceramic heating coil to ensure consistent wax vaporization.

Acacia Herbal Vaporizer


Vape in style and convenience with Greenhouse’s Acacia. The world’s smallest portable dry herb vaporizer with the most advanced technology available makes the ultimate dry herb vaporizer.

Acacia JR Herbal Vaporizer

Acacia JR

Almost half the size of our standard Acacia, the Jr. comes with the same performance at half the price. The most advanced technology available to fit in the palm of your hand.

Banyan Herbal Vaporizer


Sleek and sturdy, with a great battery life, Banyan from Greenhouse is built for ease and longtime use. You don’t need to open the chamber to remix your herb, and cleaning is as easy as pressing a button.

Muse Herbal Vaporizer


Muse from Greenhouse will profoundly change the way you vape. Muse’s ceramic heating element gently heats your herb and transforms it into heavenly vapor.

Ultra-Premium Butane

Ultra-Premium Butane

Greenhouse believes in taking care of the planet. That’s why Greenhouse Premium Butane is ultra refined and clean-burning. When you refill your high-quality jet and torch style butane lighters, you’ll know you’re doing your part.

Quick Facts:
  • 100% Pure
  • Ultra Refined
  • Near ZERO Impurities

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